Rhododendron crinigerum var. crinigerum
Glischera subsection
Epithet: bearing hairs
AM 1935
Shrub or tree: 1 - 6m high.
Flowers: 8-15/truss, campanulate, 28-40mm long, white, white suffused with rose, pink, reddish purple or red, with or without crimson blotch, often with crimson spots.
Foliage: lanceolate or oblanceolate, 68-190 x 18-52mm; upper surface dark green, shiny; underside densely hairy with thick continuous indumentum of brown or fawnm yellowish, cinnamon or whitish hairs, midrib glandular.
Distribution: W Sichuan, NE Upper Burma, NW Yunnan: 3000 - 4400m

Location: Valley Gardens, Windsor
Photo: Bryan Roebuck