Rhododendron davidii
Fortunea subsection
Flowers: 8-10 flowered, rachis long, 25-60mm, 7-8 lobes, openly campanulate, c50mm long, pink rosy-red, lilac to purplish blue, spotted purple.
April-May (in the wild),February-March in cultivation.
Foliage: coriaceous, 100-170 x 20-30mm, oblanceolate, margin recurved; lower surface greenish-white.
Large broad shrub 3-8m.
Introduced: although it is said to have been introduced by Wilson and flowered at Kew, R. davidii seems to have been lost to cultivation. Prior to c1993, introductions under the name of R. davidii turned out to be R. oreodoxa or hybrids of that. Apparently, the correct plant has been recently introduced.
Distribution: Central, S. and W. Sichuan, and N.E Yunnan 1800-4000m in open situations, bamboo and thickets.

Photo: Stephen Lyus
Location: Tregrehan, Cornwall