dichroanthum ssp. dichroanthum

Rhododendron dicroanthum ssp. dicroanthum
Neriiflora/Sanguineum subsection
Epithet: with flowers of two colours.
AM 1923 (Bodnant),flowers brick red
Height: 0.6-2.4m high.
Flowers: 3-8 flowers, tubular-campanulate, 32-45mm long, yellowish-rose, orange, orange-red or pinkish-red; 5 nectar pouches.
Leaves: oblong, oblanceolate, obovate or oblong-obovate, 40-100 x 13-40mm, dark green on top, underside covered with thin plastered, continuous, white or sometimes fawn, unistarte indumentum.
Distribution: W. Yunnan. 2750 - 3700m.

Photo: Mary Ashworth

Location: Valley Gardens, Windsor
Photo: Bryan Roebuck