faberi ssp. prattii

Rhododendron faberi ssp. prattii
Taliensa Group B subsection
Epithet: after A.E. Pratt who discovered the species in W. Sichuan.
AM 1967 (Sandling Park) 'Perry Wood', flowers white tinged pink.
Distribution: W. Sichuan 2,600-4,500m.
Flowers: trusses of 6-20 flowers, campanulate, 36-56mm long, white, with red spots.
April - May
Foliage: broadly elliptic, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, 63-180 x 28-78mm, apex acuminate; upper surface dark green, shiny, glabrous; underside with a thin, fawn or brown veil of hairs, or with a thin, continuous, unistrate indumentum of hairs, or with closely scattered tufts of hairs.
Height: shrub or tree 1 - 6.5m

Location: Turku Archipelago, Finland
Photo: Kristian Theqvist