Rhododendron groenlandicum
Ledum subsection
Introduced: 1763
Height: 0.5 - 2m
Flowers: 4-8mm long, white; numerous flowers
April / June
Foliage: 1.2-6 x 0.5-1.5cm, linear-elliptic, margins recurved, lower surface with thick rufous indumentum,
usually hiding the midrib. Young shoots with rufous tomentum.
Distribution: Grenland, Canada, N. U.S.A, sea level to 1800m
This species differs from R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum in its wider leaf. R. hypoleucum differs in the
presence of of indumentum on the midrib of the leaf lower surface only.
The common name Labrador Tea refers to the use of the leaves for making an aromatic hot drink.

Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark