Rhododendron hirtipes
Silensia Subsection
Epithet: with a hairy foot
AM 1965 (Glanarn) 'Ita' flowers phlox pink
Shrub or tree to 7.6m
Flowers: 3-5/lax truss, bud sticky, campanulate, 35-48mm long, rose-pink, pink or white flushed pink, with or without blotch and spots.
April - May.
Foliage: oval, ovate, elliptic or oblong-oval, 60-120 x 30-70mm; upper surface dark green, shiny, glabrous, midrib setulose-glandular; underside not setose, punctulate with vesicular hairs and short-stalked glands
Distribution: SE Tibet 3,000-4,000m