Rhododendron hyperthrum
Pontica subsection
Height: shrub 1-3m.
Flowers: trusses of 7-12 funnel-campanulate
shape, white, sometimes off-white or pale pink to 5cm long.
Leaves: elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, revolute, margins recurved (at least in cultivated plants),
retained for 3-4 years; upper surface glabrous, lower surface superficially glabrous but with
minute brownish dots, midrib glabrous or hairy.
Introduced: 1930s.
Distribution: N. Taiwan only, 900 - 1,200m in broad-leaved forest.
Recognise by: The usually pure white flowers, the recurved leaves and the punctuations in the lower
leaf surface make it quite easy to identify.

Photo: Charlotte Jacobson

Photo: Charlotte Jacobson, Renaix, Belgium

Charlotte Jacobson

Charlotte Jacobson