Rhododendron jasminiflorum ssp. jasminiflorum
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section:
Solenovireya Subsection
Epithet: with flowers like Jasmine.
Introduced into cultivation: by Thomas Lobb in 1845.
Flowers: 5-15, an open umbel, half-hanging to semi-erect, 40-50 x 10-14mm, trumpet-shaped, white, or flushed pink,
sweetly scented, tube 35-54 x 3-4 x 3-4mm.
Dec - Jan, but can flower any time.
Foliage: broadly obovate-elliptic or elliptic, 25-60 x 10-36mm, 3-5 together in tight pseudowhorls,
dark green and glossy above, paler and dull below.
Shrub to 2.5m, epiphytic or terrestrial.
Distribution (1100-1500m):
Malaysia: Johore: Mt. Ophir, Mt. Ledang.
It is a magnificent species that grows and flowers easily, producing a profusion of the scented, white or pale pink flowers.

Photo: Chris Callard
Location: London

Photo: George Hargreaves