Rhododendron kiusianum
Evergreen Azalea
Subgenus Tsutsui subsection Tsutsui
Syn: Kyushu azalea, R.indicum var. amoenum, R.indicum var. japonicum, R.amoenum var. japonicum and R.obtusum f. japonicum
AM 1921,FCCT 1945, AGM (1954) 2002
Epithet: from Kyushu, Japan
Shrub to 1m, low dense, much branched
Flowers: 2-3 flowers, funnel-shaped, small, 15-20 x 13-25mm, rose-purple, purple, red or pink, sometimes white.
May - June
Foliage: evergreen or semi-evergreen; spring leaves broadly elliptic, ovate or obovate, 8-20 x 5-10mm; summer leaves smaller, obovate, oblanceolate, elliptic or ovate, the uppermost ones are persistent through winter; in both types upper surface glossy, dark green; underside paler, brown-strigose.
Distribution: Japan 600 - 1,600m
Shows great variation but generally excellent. Very floriferous and easy to grow. Suitable for small gardens.

Photo: Russell Beeson
Location: Dorset