Rhododendron konori Var. phaeopeplum
Vireya Subgenus:
Phaeovireya Section
Epithet: sp. after Konor, a Papuan deity; var. with a dark covering, alluding to the leaf scales.
Flowers: up to 6 per umbel, 90mm long, funnel-shaped, pure white or pink,
scented, tube 35-54 x 3-4 x 3-4mm.
Foliage: broadly elliptic, 100 x 50mm, scaly.
Shrub to 2m, epiphytic or terrestrial.
Distribution (1300m):
Indonesia: W.New Guinea: Wissel Lakes region & Arfak Mts.
Smaller in all parts than var. konori.

Photo: Robin Whiting
Location: Dorset

Jake's Form
Photo: Russell Beeson
Location: Dorset