Rhododendron lacteum
Taliensia Group subsection
Epithet: milky.
FCC 1926 (Werrington) flowers sulphur-white, FCC 1965 (Blackhills) flowers yellow without blotch or spots.
Height: 1.9 - 9m, a shrub or tree.
Flowers: compact truss of 12-30 flowers, broadly campanulate, 35-50mm long, yellow, pale yellow or clear canary yellow, sometimes tinged with pink, rarely pure white, with or without crimson blotch.
Leaves: 68-185 x 17-100mm, oval, ovate-elliptic, obovate or elliptic, upper surface pale or dark green, underside covered with a thin suede-like continuous, fawn or brown, unistrate indumentum of radiate hairs.
Distribution: W & NW Yunnan, NE Burma 3,000m.

Location: Deer Dell
Photo: Robin Whiting