Rhododendron laetum
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section
Euvireya Subsection
Epithet: bright.
Introduced into cultivation: from material distributed by Prof. Sleumer in 1967.
Flowers: up to 12 per umbel, funnel-shaped, 50-70 x 50-60mm, pure deep yellow first, becoming suffused with red or
orange with age, sometimes fragrant, tube 28-35 x 8-12 x 15-20mm.
Jan - Dec
Foliage: broadly elliptic to sub-ovate-elliptic, 40-95 x 25-53mm, 4-6 together in tight pseudowhorls.
Shrub to 3m, terrestrial.
Distribution (1800-2300m):
Indonesia: W.New Guinea: Arfak Mts.
It grows well, is one of the best yellows and is fairly heat tolerant.

Photo: Chris Callard
Location: London