Rhododendron lanigerum
Arborea subsection
Epithet: Woolly
AM 1949 Trengwainton, AM 1961 Stonehurst, AM 1961 & FCC 1967 Windsor
Shrub or tree: 2.4 - 6m
Flowers: 16-50/very compact truss, tubular campanulate, 30-50mm long, rose-purple, 5 nectar pouches.
Foliage: oblong, oblong-lanceolate, or oblanceolate, 100-250 x 30-75mm; upper surface dark green, glabrous, (in young leaves, densely tomentose with thick creamy or creamy-white tomentum; underside with thick woolly continuous indumentum of brown or fawn hairs.
Distribution: Assam: 3000 - 3350m.

Location: Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire
Photo: Russell Beeson