Rhododendron lutescens
Triflora subsection
Epithet: becoming yellow.
AM 1953 Tower Court to 'Bagshot Sands', FCC Exbury to a clone 'Exbury'
AGM (1993) 2012 to 'Bagshot Sands'.
Height: upright shrub 0.9-6.0m.
10 year height/spread: 2m/1.5m.
Flowers: axillary and terminal trusses of 1-3 mid primrose yellow to 4.5cm across.
Introduced: 1904 by Wilson from Sichuan (the species). Recollected recently.
Distribution: NE Yunnan, W Sichuan, Hubei and Guizhou.
Recognise by: leaves with long acutely acuminate tips, bronzy young growth,
and the axillary and terminal flowers in yellow.
The forms with larger and deeper flowers seem to be less hardy, but there
are exceptions - 'Bagshot Sands', with its large fairly deep coloured flowers, is one such.

'Bagshot Sands' Location: Borde Hill
Photo: John McQuire

Photo: Chip Lima

Photo: John Archer