Rhododendron macgregoriae
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section
Euvireya Subsection
Epithet: after Lady Macgregor, wife of the former Administrator of New Guinea and Lieutenant Governor of Papua.
Syn: hansemanni, vanroemeri, lauterbachianum, calceolarioides, gorumense.
Flowers: 5-15 flowers in a complete umbel, shortly tubular or tubular-campanulate, 10-25 x 20-30mm, light yellow to orange or yellow at the tube and/or centre, reddish orange at the lobes, mostly scentless, tube 10-12 x 3-5 x 4-6mm.
Jan - Dec
Foliage: elliptic, ovate-elliptic or obovate-elliptic, 40-140 x 25-50mm, 3-7 in tight pseudowhorls.
Tree or shrub to 15m, mostly terrestrial.
Distribution 120 - 3000m
Indonesia & Papua New Guinea:
widespread over the whole mainland
Species is well known amongst the locals as poisonous to grazing animals.

Photo: George Hargreaves