Rhododendron maculiferum
Maculifera subsection
Epithet: spotted.
Height: 1.0 - 10m, a shrub or tree.
Flowers: trusses of 6-10 flowers, campanulate, 26-35mm long, white, pink or white suffused with pink, with or without deep purple blotch, with or without dark spots.
Leaves: 50-116 x 23-45mm, oblong-oval, obovate or elliptic, upper surface olive green, matt, glabrous, underside pale silvery green, shiny, glabrous, midrib prominent, densely or moderately hairy to two-thirds or entire length.
Distribution: W and NW Hubei, Guizhou 1,600 - 3,300m.

Location: Hillier Arboretum
Photo: Robin Whiting