maddenii ssp. crassum

Rhododendron maddenii ssp. crassum 'Manipurense'
Epithet: 'fleshy' (the flower texture).
Maddenia subsection
AM 1924 Sunninghill (as crassum)
Height: shrub 1 - 5m.
10 year height/spread: 1.5m/1.5m.
Flowers: white, often flushed pink in bud. Fragrant.
Usually June/July.
Introduced: 1906, Forrest from Yunnan
Distribution: Manipur, Burma, Yunnan, S & SE Tibet, Vietnam, 1600-3600m.
Recognise by: relatively large leaves. Lower surface usually glaucous with obvious brown scales. Rough bark
(maddenii has smooth). Late flowering (usually). Fragrance.
A very variable species in growth habit and leaf size, but the late flowering
types with relatively large leaves are worth trying in all but the coldest areas.
Attractive foliage and usefully late.

Location: Deer Dell, Surrey
Photo: John McQuire