molle ssp. japonicum

Rhododendron molle ssp. japonicum

Subgenus Pentanthera Section Pentanthera

Species deciduous azalea

Synonym: Azalea japonica

Epithet: From Japan


A shrub growing 0.6-1.8m in height; sometimes stoloniferous

Flowers: Trusses of 6-12, widely funnel-shaped, single flowers opening before the leaves. Flowers are 48-62mm long × 50-62mm wide; orange, salmon red, yellow or brick red with a large orange blotch; 5 stamens


Not scented

Foliage:  Obovate, oblong-obovate or oblanceolate; upper surface dark green, underside paler green and not pubescent. Leaves are 50-115mm long × 18-35mm wide; turn red in late autumn. Deciduous

Distribution: Japan from sea level to 1000m

Other information: Introduced to the UK in the 1860s. Tolerant of less acid soil than some species in the Pentanthera subsection. Limited availability

Location: Finland

Photo: Kristian Theqvist