molle ssp. molle

Rhododendron molle ssp. molle

Subgenus Pentanthera Section Pentanthera

Species deciduous azalea

Synonym: Azalea sinensis; Azalea mollis; Chinese Azalea

Epithet: With soft hairs


A shrub growing 0.3-1.6m in height

Flowers: Trusses of 6-12 widely funnel-shaped, single flowers opening before or with the leaves. Flowers are 43-56mm long; in various shades of yellow with a large green, spotted blotch; 5 stamens


Not scented

Foliage: Oblong, oblanceolate or oblong-lanceolate; upper surface often pubescent; underside often densely pubescent. Leaves are 60-150mm long ×18-56mm wide

Distribution: From sea level to 2400m in sparsely wooded areas or on open hillsides in Hubei, Zhejiang and Jiangsu in Eastern China

Other information: First introduced to the UK in the early 1820s and reintroduced in 1995. Rarely found in cultivation outside of China. Very limited availability

Location: Llyshendy, South Wales

Photo: Ivor Stokes

Location: Llyshendy, South Wales

Photo: Ivor Stokes