Rhododendron moupinense
at Deer Dell, Surrey, Feb. 6th 2002
Photo: John McQuire
Moupinensia subsection
FCC 1994 Windsor to a clone 'Ice Cool'.
Height: shrub 0.6 - 1.3m.
10 year height/spread: 0.5m/0.5m.
Flowers: greenish white through pink with
red spots. Feb/March.
Introduced: 1909 by Wilson from Sichuan
Distribution: W.Sichuan 2000-3300m.
Recognise by: small but thick oval to ovate
leaves; persistent flower bud scales. Early
Epithet: from Moupin, W. China.
Needs a sheltered spot to flower success-
fully, then very free flowering and usefully
early. Dislikes excessive heat in summer;
needs good drainage.