nakaharae AGM

Rhododendron nakaharae
Subgenus Tsutsusi, Subsection Tsutsusi
Epithet: after the Japanese collector, G. Nakamura
AM1970 (Hydon) to the clone 'Mariko', AGM (2002) 2012 to 'Mount Seven Star'
Much branched prostrate shrub
10 year height/spread: 10cm/50cm
Flowers: 2/3 per truss, funnel campanulate, 2cm long and 3-3.4cm across; bright red with inconspicuous purple spots
Introduced: 1941 by Hiranuma from Japan to Edinburgh BG (the species),by C.S.Kuo (this clone)
Distribution: northern Taiwan (Mount Seven Star) 2000-2300m
Recognise by: the late flowering and the flower colour; the prostrate habit; the tiny leaves dark, shining and strigose
with silvery hairs. Difficult to distinguish from some of the nakaharae hybrids out
of flower, but it is more prostrate than most of these.
Easy to grow given reasonable drainage and very useful for its habit of growth and late flowering.

R.nakaharae 'Mount Seven Star'
Photo: Werner Brack

Photo: Theo Leijdens

Photo: Theo Leijdens

R.nakaharae 'Deep Orange'
Location: Boskoop
Photo: Theo Leijdens

R.nakaharae 'Coral'
Photo: Jim Inskip

R.nakaharae Orange form
Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

R.nakaharae 'Late Love'
Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch