orbiculare AGM

Rhododendron orbiculare
Fortunea subsection
Epithet: circular.
AM 1922 Bodnant, AGM (2002) 2012
Height: compact rounded shrub 1.3-5m
10 year height/spread: 0.1m/0.2m.
Flowers: lax trusses of 8-16 seven lobed pink to deep rose pink or rose purple
flowers often with mauve tinges.
Introduced: 1904 by Wilson from Sichuan. Recollected recently.
Distribution: Sichuan, Guangxi, 2500 - 4000m.
Recognise by: orbicular to ovate-orbicular glabrous leaves to 12cm, with
deeply cordate bases, auricles usually overlapping. The long petioles may be
green or tinged red-purple.
Some forms have very open trusses and/or unpleasantly coloured magenta
flowers. The best clones are a good clear rosy pink. Magnificent foliage.

Photo: Tim Atkinson

Photo: Jenny Fly