oreodoxa var. fargesii AGM

Rhododendron oreodoxa var. fargesii
Fortunea subsection
AM 1926 Wakehurst (as fargesii),
1969 Bodnant to a clone 'Budget Farthing', AGM (1993) 2012
Height: shrub 1 - 4m.
10 year height/spread: 1.5m/1.5m.
Flowers: lax trusses of 6-8 usually 6 or 7-lobed white through pink to deep rosy red
flowers with or without spots.
Introduced: 1901 by Wilson from W.Hubei.
Recollected recently.
Distribution: NW Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei 2000 - 4000m.
Recognise by: oval to ovate leaves usually wider than in oreodoxa. Leaves curl up
easily in cold or drought.
Epithet: after Pere Farges, 1844-1912.
Easily grown even on poor soils. Free flowering and usefully early.

Photo: John Weagle & Ken Shannik

Photo: Ole Jonny Larsen

Photo: Theo Leijdens

Deer Dell, Surrey
Photo: John McQuire