primuliflorum AGM

Rhododendron primuliflorum
Pogonanthum Subsection
Epithet: Primrose flowers
AGM 2012
Shrub to 1.8m
Flowers: capitate, 5-10 flowers, narrowly tubular with spreading lobes, 10-16mm long, white, pink, creamy yellow or yellow.
April - May.
Foliage: oblong, elliptic or oblong-elliptic or oblong-lanceolate, aromatic; 8-34 x 5-15mm, upper surface dark green; underside densely covered with brown or rust-coloured overlapping scales.
Distribution: E Siberia, SE and E Tibet, SW Sichuan, NW or mid-W Yunnan. 3,050 - 5,200m

from Doker-La
Photo: Russell Beeson