Rhododendron principis
Taliensa subsection
Syn: R. vellerum
AM 1976 (Borde Hill) 'Lost Horizon', flowers white suffused pale rose, with red spots (KW5656),
AM 1979 (Borde Hill) 'Far Horizon' (KW5656)
Height: 1.2-6m high.
Flowers: 12-20/truss, funnel campanulate, 26-38mm long, white, white suffused with pale pink, pale rose or pink, with or without carmine or purple spots.
Leaves: oblong-lanceolate or oblong-elliptic, upper surface dark green, shiny, glabrous, often with patches of white sheen, underside covered with a thick, spongy, silvery-white, yellowish or fawn, continuous bistrate indumentum of hairs.
Distribution: SE & S Tibet. 2900 - 4600m.

Photo: Koen Camelbeke