pseudochrysanthum AGM

Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum
Maculifera subsection
Epithet: false R.chrysanthum
Introduced: 1918 by Wilson from Taiwan, and collected recently.
AM 1956 Exbury, AGM (1993) 2012
Height: shrub 0.5-2.5m.
10 year height/spread: 0.7m/1.5m(q.v.)
Flowers: tight trusses of 5-12 white widely campanulate flowers,
occasionally tinged pink, to 5cm across, usually with a basal blotch and some flecking.
Distribution: Taiwan, 2000 - 4000m.
Recognise by: leaves stiffly held, ovate to elliptic with an acuminate point. This
is a very variable species - very dwarf plants with small foliage are from the
highest altitudes. Lower altitude plants are bigger in all respects. The shoots
and petioles have a persistent white tomentum. In some forms some of the
white tomentum persists on the upper surface of the leaves, which are
otherwise a dark matt green. The mature leaf underside is nearly glabrous and
shining in all forms, with a persistent indumentum on the leaf midrib. Easy to
recognise in spite of all this.
Lovely trusses, large for the plant. It is well worth seeking out the best foliage
forms, and finding out from the nursery how large that form can be expected to
get. The dwarf forms are likely to take the longest to start flowering. Best (for
flowering) in a sunny position, but a wonderful foliage plant in any situation.
At least one form should be in every collection.

Location: Deer Dell, Surrey - a form with white edged foliage
Photo: John McQuire

Location: Exbury - their best form
Photo: John McQuire

Location: Hillier Arboretum
Photo:Russell Beeson

Location: Hillier Arboretum
Photo:Russell Beeson