Rhododendron ririei
Agrophylla Group subsection
Epithet: after Rev B. Ririe of the Chinese Inland Missions and friend of E.H. Wilson.
AM 1931 (Bodnant),flowers reddish-purple.
Height: 3 - 12m, a shrub or tree.
Flowers: Trusses of 5-10 flowers, campanulate, 40-53mm long, purplish, lilac-purple or reddish-purple. 5 deep purple nectar pouches.
Leaves: 68-160 x 23-51mm, lanceolate, oblong-lanceolate, oblanceolate or oblong-elliptic, upper surface olive-green, matt, glabrous, underside with thin, plastered, continuous, unistrate indumentum of silver-white hairs.
Distribution: Sichuan (Mount Omei) 1,850m.

Location: Hillier Arboretum
Photo: Robin Whiting

Location: Hampshire
Photo: Russell Beeson