Rhododendron rousei
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section
Malesia Subsection
Epithet: after Dr. J. Rouse of Australia for his dedicated work with vireyas.
Introduced into cultivation: in Edinburgh in 1989.
Flowers: up to 6 per open umbel, funnel-shaped, 22-28 x 45-57mm, white, without scent, tube 11-13 x 6-7 x 10-13mm.
Repeatedly flowering but best in Nov - Dec
Foliage: elliptic, 25-50 x 15-30mm, 3-7 full-sized leaves in tight pseudowhorls with several much smaller ones, dark shining green above, much paler green below.
Shrub to 1m, terrestrial.
Distribution (1300m):
Philippines: Sibuyan Island: Mt. Giting Giting
This species has a good, freely branching habit and the glossy dark green foliage is a very attractive feature.
The flowers are a beautiful pure white and they have a good strong texture that makes them well compared to other species. It is almost always in flower with individual plants repeatedly flowering throughout the year.

Photo: Chris Callard
Location: London

Photo: Eric Annal
Location: Edinburgh