rupicola var. chryseum

Rhododendron rupicola var. cryseum
Lapponica subsection
Epithet: Golden-yellow
Flowers: 1-6 flowers, widely funnel-shaped, 0.9-1.7cm long, bright yellow, pale or deep yellow, golden yellow or greensih, outside scaly on the lobes.
Foliage: 0.8-2cm x 0.4-1cm, oblong, obovate, oval or elliptic; upper surface greyish green or pale green, matt, densely scaly; underside densely scaly, scales large bicolorous, dark brown and yellow or sometimes unicolorous, dark brown, twice their diameter apart or contiguous or overlapping.
Shrub 15-90cm high.
Distribution: NW Yunnan, SE Tibet, SW Sichuan, 3350-4,800m.

Location: Hvidovre in Denmark
Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen