rupicola var. rupicola

Rhododendron rupicola var. rupicola
Lapponica subsection
Epithet: dweller in stony places
Flowers: 2-8 flowers, widely funnel-shaped, 1-1.6cm long, deep plum-crimson or plum-purple, outside scaly.
Foliage: 0.8-2.5cm x 0.4-1.4cm, elliptic, obovate, oblong-oval or oval; upper surface green, matt, densely scaly, scales overlapping or contiguous; underside densely scaly, scales bicolorous, dark brown and yellow, overlapping or nearly contiguous.
Shrub 0.08-1.2m high.
Distribution: NW Yunnan, E and NE Upper Burma, SW Sichuan, 3350-4,300m.
Merges with R.russatum in the wild.

Location: Hvidovre in Denmark
Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen