saluenense ssp. chameunum

Rhododendron saluenense
ssp. chameunum
Lapponica subsection
AM 1927 Werrington,
FCC 1933 Exbury
Height: shrub 0.05 - 0.6m.
10 year height/spread: 0.1m/0.2m.
Flowers: purplish rose through purplish crimson with crimson spots.
Introduced: 1914 by Forrest from W. Yunnan.
Distribution: NE Burma, W Yunnan, SW Sichuan, SE Tibet, 3400-4600m.
Recognise by: dwarf carpeting habit; purplish young growth: leaves often purple in winter; shining upper leaf surface; densely bristly branches;
Flower colour: deep purplish-rose or purple-crimson with crimson spots
Epithet: lying on the ground (ssp.)
The smallest ssp. of saluenense. A good carpeting plant given good drainage.