Rhododendron thayerianum
Argyrophylla subsection
Epithet: after a well known New England family, patrons of botany and horticulture
Height: shrub to 4m.
Flowers: 10-20/truss, campanulate, 23 - 30 mm long, white or white suffused pink.
Leaves: oblanceolate or lanceolate, thick, stiff, leathery, 60-150mm x 12-38mm, upper surface dark or pale green, glabrous, margin recurved; underside matt, with thin-plastered or somewhat woolly, continuous unistrate indumentum of brown hairs, midrib glandular.
Distribution: W. Sichuan, 3000m.

Location: Carmarthenshire 2012
Photo: Ivor Stokes

Location: Hillier Arboretum
Photo: Russell Beeson