Rhododendron uvariifolium var. uvariifolium
Fulva Subsection
Epithet: with leaves like a uvaria.
AM 1965 (RBGE)
Shrub or tree to 11m.
Flowers: compact, globose, 6-18/truss, campanulate or funnel-campanulate, 27-40mm long, white or white fliushed rose, pale rose or pink, with or without crimson blotch, with or without crimson spots.
March - April
Foliage: oblanceolate or oblong-obovate, 70-245 x 22-72mm; upper surface pale green or dark green, glabrous; underside covered with thick wooly, white or ash-grey or rarely fawn, indumentum.
Distribution: NW and mid-W Yunnan, SW Sichuan, SE Tibet. 2,200 - 4,300m