yakushimanum AGM

Rhododendron degronianum
ssp. yakushimanum
Pontica subsection
AGM 2012
Height: 1 to 2.5m, compact and rounded in the typical cultivated plant.
Flowers: 5-10 flowered, funnel-campanulate, 30-40mm long, pale rose fading to white, spotted or unspotted.
Leaves: 60-210 x 10-30mm, narrowly to broadly elliptic, or linear-lanceolate, usually recurved; upper surface glabrous with age but usually with a thin, whitish indumentum persisting for several months, lower surface with a thick white to tawny, woolly indumentum which obscures the midrib.
Introduced: 1934.
Distribution: Yakushima island, S. Japan. 1,200 - 1,800m.
One of the most widely grown and versatile of all species. R. yakushimanum is hardy, free-flowering and tolerant of sun or light shade.

'Koichiro Wada'
Photo: Millais Nurseries

'Koichiro Wada'
Photo: John Weagle & Ken Shannik

Location: Wisley trials
Photo: Koen Camelbeke

Location: Hampshire
Photo: Russell Beeson