The Year Books of the Rhododendron Association

The Rhododendron Association was the successor to the Rhododendron Society and it published a Year Book for its members from 1929 until 1939.

This organisation embraced a much wider membership than its predecessor, with nearly 200 members from the outset, rising to around 450 by 1939 with names from right across the world appearing on the fascinating lists which preface each edition.

The content in these publications, especially the three Supplements, is more focused toward dealing with the burgeoning numbers of species collections, with numerous lists populating the pages; there are nevertheless some excellent articles to discover. Above all, these books represent the next step in our Group’s great history, building on the previous Notes and a prelude to the store of wealth to come in the post-war publications.

Until now these works have only been accessible to the lucky few; the various permissions that the Group has received make these online publications freely available to all.*

*No books were destroyed to make them available on our website; they have been carefully cradled-scanned by professionals, without harm or damage to the copies used.

These books are available subject to the Group's Takedown Policy.

1933 Supplement


1934 Supplement


1935 Supplement