The Revision of Rhododendron

Publication of the taxonomic revision of genus Rhododendron began in 1980 with Volume 39 No. 1 of the Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This brought into use the current classification with which we are now familiar, commencing with the lepidote species of Subgenus Rhododendron and followed by Volume 39.2 in 1982 with the elepidotes of Subgenus Hymenanthes.

We are grateful to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for granting the Group permission to offer these publications digitally. They represent a valuable resource for the rhododendron community, researchers and growers alike .
Further elements of the Revision will appear here in due course.
Taxonomic treatment of various species may have altered since the original publication.

These publications contain full descriptions of the then known species together with maps of their incidence in the wild, details of their original introduction, naming and the location of type specimens.

Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Volume 39.1 1980
A Revision of Rhododendron
I: Subgenus Rhododendron sections Rhododendron & Pogonanthum
J. Cullen

Volume 39.1 (74MB)


Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Volume 39.2 1982
A Revision of Rhododendron
II: Subgenus Hymenanthes
D.F. Chamberlain

Volume 39.2 (57MB)


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