Temperate Rhododendrons

The Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group is privileged to have been asked to host a comprehensive new digital publication on Genus Rhododendron. This work represents years of forensic research and careful compilation of a wide range of resources and scientific papers to bring together not only a current view of taxonomic presentation but also a vast array of references, both written and pictorial, all of which will be of enormous benefit to rhododendron enthusiasts at all levels of interest.

Temperate Rhododendrons

A digital work in Eight Volumes by Julian Taylor-Whall

Temperate Rhododendrons:

  • describes the species and hybrids established outdoors in theleading woodland gardens of England, Scotland andWales
  • investigates the species curated in accordance with scientific advances and field study evidence published in the three decades since the Edinburgh revision of the classification as presented in the RHS Rhododendron Handbook 1998
  • presents a comprehensive range of hybrids selected and assessed with the benefit of hindsight rather than hype, where disposition and floral beauty are the key determinants for inclusion, not their commercial availability

The texts are illustrated with over 3000 photographs taken by the author.

Volume One reviews and amends the classification of Genus Rhododendron to conform with the molecular phylogeny studies of 2005 and 2010, as well as taking account of recent work on polyploidy. A visual guide to help identify the various species follows this updating, along with a glossary of the scientific terminology and a listing of the various seed collecting expeditions.

Volume Two considers Subgenus Therorhodion and the species placed within Subgenus Azaleastrum.

Volumes Three & Four document the taxa assigned to Subgenus Hymenanthes.

Volume Five examines the rhododendrons within the three sections of Subgenus Lepidorrhodium – the Lepidote species.

Volume Six evaluates the Natural Hybrids: plants that have arisen in the wild from undirected pollination and established stabilised populations, as well as the host of seed pan rogues germinated in cultivation.

Yet to be published:

Volumes Seven & Eight willsurvey the Azaleodendrons, Deciduous and Evergreen Azaleas, Lepidote and Elepidote Hybrids created through directed pollination.

Temperate Rhododendrons is made available by the author subject to the Group's Takedown Policy.

Opinions expressed in this work are not necessarily those of the Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group.

Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 1


Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 2


Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 3


Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 4


Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 5


Temperate Rhododendrons Volume 6


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