Seed list 2020



The 2020 Seed List is available and orders may be placed now.

This list will remain online throughout the year and will be regularly updated.

Last updated 20th January 2020.

Updates which reflect current stock and any additions will appear periodically on the website or can be requested by email.

You may view the seed list and the ordering instructions by clicking on the menu options above.

Prices per packet are as follows:

19 code = £2.50
18 code = £2.00
17 code = £1.50
16 code = £1.00
15 & 14 code = Up to 3 packets free, additional packets 50p

Open-pollinated rhododendron seed clearly marked (OP) on the list will be charged at the full rate as above but will include a greater quantity of seed

An additional charge will be added for postage and packing as follows:
UK – £2.50   EU – £3.50   Elsewhere – £4.50 (Airmail)

You can download the list in PDF format below by right clicking on the entry below and saving the file on your computer.
(Please note this is the original seed list and will not be updated during the year).

2020 Seed List 2020 Seed List

You may also download a PDF versions of the order form. The first one is is for manual entry and subsequent posting whereas the second is a version where you may make your entries direct onto the form on your computer and either email or alternatively print out and post. You can download these by right clicking on the appropraite entry below and saving the file on your computer.

2020 Order Form   Fillable seed list PDF for download Fillable 2020 Order Form

You may find it useful to download the seedlist in Excel format in species order Excel Spreadsheet or in list order Excel Spreadsheet.You can then cut and paste items into the fillable pdf version of the order form.

IMPORTANT: Please use the order form provided. If you email your order then for security reasons we strongly recommend that you send your credit card number in two halves in different emails. It is vital that you include your expiry date and the 3-digit security number from the back of your card (the last 3 digits) – we will be unable to process your order unless we have this information.

SEED IMPORTATION REGULATIONS: Overseas Members requesting seed are responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation to cover their order and for ensuring they do not apply for seed
contravening current import legislation in their own countries. Any relevant paperwork should be submitted with the order and the instructions made clear. The Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia
Group, acting in good faith, cannot be held liable for seeds impounded, confiscated or otherwise lost.

US MEMBERS ONLY: Full details of the USDA requirements are to be found at under ‘Plant Imports/Small Lots of Seed’. You will need to provide us with two sets of order forms –
one in List Number Order for the convenience of the Seed Convenor and a second one in alphabetical order for the USDA requirements.

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